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The Psychic Community

Melinda Williams - Psychic Medium

I am a Psychic Medium and I help connect you to your deceased loved ones. I also use my gift as a Rescue Medium where I help families and law enforcement on missing, murdered, and cold cases. I’m a natural born medium which was handed down to me by my Native American heritage, which I incorporate into my readings.

I read cards, spirit paintings, and a lot of different spiritual related stuff such as counselling and guidance. I also make my own essential oils, enchanted blends of herbs, candles, and enchanted charms. Here to help others on their spiritual journey.

Melinda is our first American psychic to join the team! 

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Karen Wilson - Psychic Medium

From a young age I have sensed, seen and on occasion heard spirit.

I have came to this late in life, as when my children were young I had to close down to spirit as it was affecting them, they were also seeing spirit and seeing dolls move around the house. I have completed the mediumship and advanced course with Joshua Rose and Alex Ross which has awoken my spiritual gift.

In my readings I get songs and spirit, I sometimes draw pictures, which are relevant to the person being read and I mainly talk about the future guidance and what to expect. 

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Psychic Medium 

Jacqui Saxelby-Smith

 My passion for all things spiritual has developed over the last several years. My first encounter with spirit was after my brother passed away over 30 years ago. Then after losing both my parents 20 days apart I found comfort and guidance in Angel cards. 

I have now developed a connection with tarot and crystals. 

I have completed a training course on intuition. I currently do Angel and Tarot card readings and feel a very strong connection to them through feel and intuition.

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Andy Baker - Psychic Medium & Healer

Bio : Andy has been training his gift for years now, he is a strong empath which allows him to connect with peoples thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

He has a deep knowing and is a extremely powerful healer.

Healing is Andy's true passion and his energy comes across in his work. 

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3 yes / no questions 

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Sam - Psychic Medium & Healer

I'm Sam and I am an empathic tarot card reader, I also do oracle cards and pendulum.

I've been reading tarot cards  for around  four  years, and feel very confident with them channelling my abelites. 

I also work very well with pendulum and have been reading them with them for around three years now!!! 

I also work with  Oracle cards, these are great tools to channel my intuition and psychic abilities. 

Mini Reading - Three Card & Pendulum Reading

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James Doran - Psychic Medium

Hello My Names Is James Doran Known as Psychic James I'm a Spiritual Teacher Reader Christ Consiousness Energy Healer I AM a Pleiadian Starseed Galactic Federation Ground Crew and I work through many Spiritual Realms I Like to Build a World of Love an Bring Heaven to Earth as we are all One Love. I Do Mediumship, Angels Fairy's Akashic Record Readings and Tarot it's a Blessing to help you all Grow an be standing Firm that we are still connected to Loved Ones Angels and all Spirits many Blessings to you all.

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Psychic Medium Jade Smith

Jade came into her abilities when connecting with her grand father who now guides her on her spiritual path. 

She is a strong psychic medium and healer and loves all things linked with nature. 

She has a thirst for knowledge with allows her to perfect her gift and abilities. 

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David Angel - Psychic Medium. As Seen On TV

David is a fantastic psychic medium and has worked with the popular TV station

Psychic TV. He is a very passionate reader with many years of experience. 


All bookings are paid at a deposit of £10 pp


Spiritual Guidance

Tarot cards &


£45 for 1 - 5people

£40 for 1 - 8

£35 for 1- 13

Times vary depending on amount of people

From 25 mins for larger groups or 35 mins for smaller groups x

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Written Readings - Tarot, Palmistry and Spiritual Mediumship

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 Lilly May Psychic Trance medium , soul Reader & Healer

Firstly I'm a dedicated mum of 4 children with a busy family life including a crazy French bulldog & a cat that he thinks he is human .

I have always been able to willingly connect to spirit and Chanel any messages that the upstairs crew witch to convey to you , I don’t do wishy washy readings . I will only convey pure mediumship witch is unadulterated truth, wisdom and guidance given from source , I don’t use any tools when I work and often do not remember what words I've channelled .

I am merely a messenger , areas that I cover include Trans mediumship Transfiguration soul reading , energetic fields , and of course mediumship in its truest sense of linking you to love ones that have past who may wish to step forward and communicate .

Having gone through many life’s ups and downs myself and gain personal experience from my own journey confidently assure you that I will and guide to very best of my ability and hopefully help set you on your soul path to find inner peace , happiness and a sense of fulfilment.

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Full Online Readings, Tarot, Mediumship and Spiritual Guidance

Duo Video Recorded Readings

With Joshua Rose & Alex Ross