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Clair Senses - By Jade Williams 

22nd May 2021

What is your strongest Clair sense? 

There are 5 main Clair senses. Every Medium will have at least one of the senses. Some mediums might have all five.


This sense is where the medium can see spirit clearly. This will enable the medium to describe the spirit to their loved one to give them validation. This is the most common Clair that people relate to a medium.


This sense is clear feeling. The medium will be able to feel the spirit around them. The medium will also be able to feel how the spirit passed and what part of the body was hurt.


This sense is clear hearing. The medium will be able to communicate with the spirit directly. The medium can ask the spirit questions and pass on the information to their loved one.

Clair cognizance:

This sense is clear knowing. The medium will get clear information in their mind about the spirit and be able to pass this information.


This sense is clear smelling. The medium will be able to smell the spirit around them. It might be smoke or a perfume the spirit used to wear.

Which of the senses above do you think is your strongest? Did you even realise that you had any of the above senses? When did you first discover you had any of the senses?

If you would like to develop any of your senses, then get in touch with the Psychic community and ask about our development courses. They are 6 weeks at a time and are very affordable.

Love & Light

Jade Williams